Get Existing Date And Time in Python

Get Existing Date And Time in Python


Now in this tutorial, we are going to discuss exactly how we can get the date that is current amount of time in Python programming.

Many times a person may need the current process day and time period for assorted businesses. This problem can be easily sorted out with the various incorporated approaches and components in Python.

More, python segments like pytz and pendulum enable the owner to obtain the current day and time of a specific timezone. This particular feature is very practical as it generates the signal a whole lot more trustworthy.

Methods for getting Date that is current and in Python

Currently permit us to get directly into understanding the various would like obtain the existing date and amount of time in Python.

The datetime component

The datetime component products lessons for manipulating dates and occasions in Python.

When you look at the illustration below, we all you will need to get the date that is current the today() approach within the time course.


Below, today() returns the present day nearby big date. And simultaneously you print out the time.

Nowadays let us check another instance. These times we intend to print both the local go out and present time when it comes down to program utilising the datetime section.


Into the code overhead,

  • The now() approach from the datetime classroom returns the current neighborhood date and time period. Therefore, at the true point, dt retains the datetime item including the date and time data
  • Nextly, we all make use of the strftime() way to switch the dt (datetime item) in to a formattable sequence
  • Finally, you reproduce the recent go out and amount of time in our ideal fashion

Using pendulum Module

Pendulum is definitely a timezone collection that eases the datetime manipulation. Just like the datetime module, the pendulum section also has a now() method that comes back the local time and occasion.

Pendulum can easily be set up utilizing the PIP order:



As mentioned previously, the now() approach returns the present day date and time as we is able to see from your earlier mentioned result.

Current time and date in Python with a right time sector

Back when we speak about reliability or cross-platform rule usability, Python provides a great deal of these functions. For most regarding the situations, the consumer requires date or time period for the particular timezone and utilizing some modules like pytz or pendulum make employed in this type of environment simpler.

The pytz component produces the Olson tz database into Python together with permits accurate and cross system timezone estimations.

Having said that, pendulum is a similar collection which inherits from the datetime component. It makes use of a better approach, rendering it faster than it’s counterpart( pytz ).

Both the modules can be installed by using the preceding PIP commands,

For pytz section:

For pendulum module:


Right now why don’t we simply take an instance where you just be sure to then get and printing big date also time for various timezones. This might be probably going to be performed dating gluten free utilizing both the pytz and pendulum section.


  • For the cases, first of all we make use of timezone() strategy defined for both pytz and pendulum segments while passing the timezone that is required
  • Then these timezone is passed by us objects towards the right now() approach within the datetime classroom. The process comes back a accurate go out and time for any provided timezone. Thus, you directly print out.


Extremely in this tutorial you discovered various ways or methods to find the date that is current amount of time in Python.

For every additional questions, please make use of remarks below.


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